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The United States of America is a vast country stretching from the Aleutian Islands in the North Pacific to the Florida Keys off the coast of Cuba. Not forgetting the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. There really is something for everyone in this diverse country from exciting city breaks, superb beaches, fly drive through the national parks, mountain ranges such as the Rockies, the Appalachians, the Blue Ridge mountains and the Sierra Nevada to name but a few, plus the wide open spaces of Montana and Wyoming, the picturesque towns of New England particularly popular in the fall, theme parks galore for families with children, the cultural and music based tours of the deep south. Huge national parks such as Denali and Wrangell-St. Elias in Alaska and winter sports in New England and Colorado.

Depending on the season, visit a Hockey, Basketball, Baseball or American Football game. Experience Hollywood, New York City, visit the Great Lakes, the list really is endless and whatever you want to achieve from your holiday to the US we can put it together for you. We’ve been doing it since 1994.

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Local weather information

San francisco

When is the best time to travel

Covering such a vast area, the US can be visited year round.

The busiest time for international tourists would be from July to October. This is not necessarily peak time for the locals, but with school holidays and the peak holiday period it is a very popular time to visit. Having said that, the ski season, New Year and Christmas, Mardi Gras, the winter months in the Florida Keys, and not forgetting the Hawaiian Islands, mean that tourism to the US is a year round event.


New York and New England are popular in the fall (September to late October), plus thanksgiving through to New Year's Eve keep the shoppers and the city break crowds coming. New England also has a popular ski season.


Florida sees the crowds flocking to the theme parks and glorious beaches in the summer months (June - August). Although you’ll find the Keys are at their peak in the winter months (November- January) when the weather is perfect.


The Canyon Lands, Yosemite, Zion, Bryce as well as Vegas and the California Coast are popular in the summer months (June - August), but wait until September/October and you’ll experience less crowds and cooler weather.


Alaska cruise season runs from late April through to September.  (we recommend going in June if you can)


The ski resorts of Vail, Breckenridge and Aspen run from late November through to April (subject to conditions)


Hawaii is a year round destination, but the school holidays are popular and peak season would be considered mid December through to mid-April



USA in brief

The US has been a popular holiday destination for many years. Easily combinable with Canada, the Caribbean and Central America, this really is a diverse and exciting destination with so much to offer, no matter what you’re seeking from your adventure.


Unless you’re enjoying a quick city break, an ideal trip to the US will take in 2, 3 or even more destinations tailormade to your exact requirements. There are far too many options to list here, but fly drive itineraries are very popular, multi-city trips, the national parks, Florida and the California Coast are all top of many people’s list. Travel as you prefer as the country can be discovered by air, by road and by rail or a combination.

USA history & Culture

In 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived which started the arrival of waves of European settlers from the UK, France and the Netherlands, amongst others, and by the 17th century the Eastern seaboard was colonised. This colonial rule ended after the American War of independence (1775-1783) and by 1853, the boundaries of the US are the same as they are today (with the exception of Alaska).

In 1861, Lincoln became president and this was followed by the bloody civil war which raged on for 4 years. The US started to forge foreign policy in the mid to late 19th century and set out on the road to become the world's superpower it is today.

Nearly half of Americans are Protestant, with Roman Catholic, Jewish, Mormon and Islam amongst other minorities. The official language is English, but a large percentage of the population speak Spanish (13%)

Things to do and see

The Everglades

The Rockies

Yosemite National Park

New England in the Fall

Las Vages

California Coast

New York city

Florida & Theme Parks

Florida keys

Train journeys

Washington DC

Niagara Falls

The Great Lakes

The Grand Canyon & Canyonlands




San francisco

California Wine region

Fly drives

City breaks

Ski Holidays

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