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Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations in south east asia.  Spectacular vista's and landscapes, extremely friendly people combined with a rich tapastry of culture make this destination a must see for any traveller.

Over the years Vietnams infrastructure has improved dramtically, making it a mecca for those who wish to combine comfort with adventure, but don't take our word for it........


Local weather information


When is the best time to travel

Vietnam is a year round destination, although many will choose to visit during the drier months between November and April.

If you’re touring the whole country from North to South or vice versa, then September to December and March/April could be described as the best months.

With Vietnam’s 3 distinct micro climates, you’ll probably encounter rainfall at some point on your itinerary.

If you are wanting to include the traditional Vietnamese boats sailing in Halong Bay, then March and April is the best time for this.

When Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh in the south are experiencing the rainier period, Danang, Hué and Hoi An in the central region of the country will still be hot and dry.

If you are looking mainly for a beach resort stay in the central region during the school holidays (Jul-Aug), this will be hot and dry reaching the high 30’s C / high 90’s F

Peak Season:

March to May


December to February

Vietnam in brief

Vietnam will not disappoint and offers a diverse mix of culture, UNESCO world heritage sights, ancient cities, and wonderful beaches.

For the city lovers, take time to visit the French inspired city of Hanoi with it’s large boulevards, and in the South the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh .


Without doubt, the cuisine of Vietnam is one of South East Asia’s best.  this combined with  friendly locals and wonderful site seeing make this destination a must see on anyones bucket list.

The full tour from north to south is a very popular itinerary in Vietnam including Halong Bay and then perhaps relaxing in the Con Dao islands at the end of your trip to reflect and relax.

Central Vietnam has wonderful beach resorts as well as the ancient city of Hoi An. Some travellers like to add a river cruise on the Mekong to the ancient city of Siem Reap and the magical Angkor Wat.

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Vietnam history & Culture

Ancient Vietnam was ruled at various stages by the Chinese and then the Portuguese arrived in 1516 by sea. It was not until the 19th century that the French colonised Vietnam in stages.

Much of Vietnam’s infrastructure, the North - South railway, roads and bridges were built by the French, then during the 2nd World War, the Japanese moved in.

In 1945 Ho Chi Minh declared an uprising called the August revolution and declared Vietnam independent.


We all know how the following decades unfolded with reference to Oscar winning films such as; "Goodmorning Vietnam". "The Dear Hunter", "Apocalypse Now", "Platoon" and "Hearts and minds" to name a few. Today tourists in Ho Chi Minh can visit many sights from the Vietnam War including the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Vietnam has one of the oldest cultures in South East Asia. The Dong Son culture, which dates back to the Bronze Age is thought to be one of the oldest. After 1000 years of Chinese rule, this has also had great influence. Since the 1990’s Vietnam has had wide access to Asian, European and American culture and media.

Things to do and see

Ch Chi Tunnels

Halong Bay UNESCO world heritage site

The Charming capital city of Hanoi

Take a trip up the Mekong River

The Ancient town of Hoi An

The Imperial city of Hue

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