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The Maldives

The Maldives are an idyllic island getaway. Set in the Indian Ocean, this vast string of islands and atolls sparkle in the waters adjacent to the equator.

This is the ultimate romantic destination as well as being extremely popular amongst divers and families looking to disconnect from their hectic lives and enjoy the sunshine.  Make an enquiry today........go on AsktheTraveller.

Local weather information

When is the best time to travel

The Maldives entice sun worshippers year round with maximum average temperatures remaining around a lovely 82 degrees fahrenheit.

The driest months are at the beginning of the year from Jan - Apr and this also has the lowest humidity. 

From May until December the rainfall increases and there is also a risk of storms however, average sunshine remains at 7-8hrs per day and this time is popular due to better pricing.

If the main focus of your holiday is to dive, the water clarity is best during the drier months from Jan - Apr

Manta rays and whale sharks can be seen between Oct-Nov when they arrive to feed on the plankton.

Peak Season:

January to April & Christmas/New Year


October to November 


Maldives in brief

The Maldives are made up of 1,190 islands and 20 atolls and attract honeymooners, sun worshippers and divers from around the world all heading to their own castaway island surrounded by beautiful white sand.

Arriving at the North Malé Atoll, many nearby resorts will be reached by speedboat. Venture further afield and you’ll be whisked away by seaplane. 

Many luxurious resorts offer unique experiences, such as underwater restaurants, some of the best SPA’s in the world, live aboard dive boats, and of course many visit to stay in the iconic overwater villas. 

There are great kids clubs, even small golf courses, while some hotels focus more on adult guests. 

There are many board options available, but we recommend full board or all inclusive. 

If you’re on a sea plane connection, please remember luggage weight may be restricted and soft bags required rather than hard suitcases.

Maldives history & Culture

The Maldives are thought to have been initially settled by Hindus and Buddhists from India and Sri Lanka, but as Arab traders started to settle the country converted to Islam in the 12th century.

The Portuguese and then the British came and the Maldives gained independence in 1965. A few years later in 1968 there was a popular referendum and the Maldives voted to become a republic, ending an 853 year monarchy. The indigenous population is entirely Sunni Muslim and the group practice of any other religion is illegal. 

Things to do and see

World class diving/snorkling

Sail on a traditional drone Boat

huge array or watersports

snorkle with whale sharks

Big game fishing

Island hopping

Day trip to visit local artisans & markets

Sit back & relax, read a book, watch the water and unwind.

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