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Mauritius is a paradise of towering mountains, verdant greenery, and gleaming white beaches surrounded by coral reefs.  A popular Island break with plenty to see and do which some prefer to a resort based holiday in the Maldives. This beautiful island is easily combinable with an African Safari or a two centre stopover, but don't take our word for it.........just AsktheTraveller.

Local weather information

When is the best time to travel

The peak season is the winter in Mauritius from May - November when the weather is drier and humidity is slightly lower. Low season is November - April when Mauritius can be visited by tropical hurricanes and within this period January - March is the rainy season.


Having said that, Mauritius has year round hot weather and the season merge into each other. A particularly busy time is the school holidays in August as well as Christmas & New Year.

Peak Season:

October to January


May to September (Winter season with fewer mosquitoes & better prices)


Mauritius in brief

Perhaps the most famous attraction are the glorious beaches.  These white sand beaches are perfect for relaxing, and the waters around them are fantastic for swimming, windsurfing, diving, and fishing.  For those wanting to venture out further, the reefs surrounding the island are a joy to explore, either by snorkeling or through a semi-submersible boat.  

Further inland, this island is home to a unique and exotic collection of plants and animals, proudly displayed in the many beautiful parks, such as the Pamplemousse Royal Botanical Gardens with its famous giant Amazon water lilies, the Casela Bird Park with more than 140 bird species from five continents, and the Black River Gorges National Park with its stunning waterfalls.  Golf lovers are in luck as well, with multiple championship golf courses and challenging nine-hole courses available.  

If exploring the local culture is to your liking, the sacred Hindu sites and temples, tea and sugar plantations, and of course, local rum factories are all special treats.  The open-air market at the village of Flacq is a great place to collect some local souvenirs, as is the eclectic sugar-estate-turned-theme-park of Domaine Les Pailles.  For true history buffs, the west coast has the ruins of three of the finest Martello Towers in the world.

Whether your interests lie in nature, culture, or just a good time, Mauritius will have something for you.

Mauritius history & Culture

This island was known to Arab and Malay sailors as early as the 10th century, but it remained uninhabited until its colonisation by the Dutch in 1638.  Subsequently controlled by the French until 1810 and the British until 1968, Mauritian culture is a fascinating mix of its former European administrators and the traders, planters, slaves, labourers, merchants and artisans that have inhabited it through the centuries.   The culture mixed with the spectacular natural beauty of the island makes it a firm favourite with tourists from all backgrounds and budgets.  

Things to do and see

Flacq Market

ile aux cerfs

Balaclava Ruins

ile aux Aigrettes

Dutch Ruins

L'aventure de Sucre

Black River Gorges


Ganga Talao  - grand Bassin

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