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India is one of those mythical destinations that is surely on everyone's bucket list.  From the ancient cities, deserts, mountains and wildlife of the north all the way down to the beaches, rivers and jungles of the south. India offers a Kaleidoscope of experiences which has captivated travellers far and wide.    This is a marvelous country which makes you want to come back for more.  If you think India could be your next adventure or you need some advice then just give us a call or fill out our enquiry form.

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When is the best time to travel

With a country so vast and varied to pinpoint one general best time to travel is difficult, but October to March covers most areas for those who are looking to travel this land extensively.

For those who are interested in mainly the North and exploring Rajasthan, then October to March covers things nicely.  Minimal rainfall will make wildlife easier to spot and make roads much easier to navigate.

If its the mountains you're after for some trekking then perhaps February to May should be looked at closely.

Much further southwest, then Mumbai and Goa are excellent during the months from October to May. 

Further south still to Kerala region then September to March offer prime conditions to visit.

Peak Season:

November to Mid february


June to September (you can get very wet but lots of festivals)


India in brief

India is quite simply an assault on the senses.  Hypnotically engaging, chaotic, peaceful, spiritual and without doubt a destination which can not be ignored.

For those who have never been, India is not for the faint hearted. Prepare yourself for a contrast between the most splendid temples and hotels in the world to shocking local poverty.  The constant noise and dirt especially in cities can be quite consuming, however, look deeper and wider afield and the riches of india are nothing short of awe inspiring.  One can not help but feel a spiritual relationship with this country and its people.

With its large distances, it is often better to focus on the less is more approach when visiting this country.  Leave something for another reason to come back, you will be glad that you did.  For as you unwrap India's beauty you will uncover a country that gives back much more than you put in and leaves you desperate to return.

While here, of course the regions of Kerala, Rajasthan, Goa and Uttar Pradesh are on the must see list.  Take your time and explore perhaps just 2 regions on your first visit allowing you to experience a completely different holiday for you next trip back.  We say this as we are sure once India has captured your soul, her vast array of travel hotspots will inevitably pull you back again for more.

India history & Culture

Where to start?  That's the first thing which comes to mind when looking at the history of India .  The variety of different cultures and religions combining to make this great country and modern day powerhouse within both the travel and economic world.

In modern times, India was a British colony up until  1947.   Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated as the leader and father of this new independent nation, with his policy of nonviolent civil disobedience.  If you wish to get a flavour of his life and the birth of a new India, we suggest you watch the 1982 epic film "Gandhi" directed by Richard Attenborough, which was nominated for 11 academy awards, winning 8.

Today India is recognised as an economic powerhouse.  It is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and it should be noted still the worlds largest democracy.

Hindus make up approximately 80% of the population, followed by 13% muslim and 2% Christian.  

Things to do and see

Taj Mahal

Ranthambhore National Park


Jaipur & Jodhpur



Old Delhi

Temple of Amritsar

The Golden triangle

Kerala backwaters

Beaches of Goa

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