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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is simply a country full of surprises.  From wonderful beaches and relaxation to awe inspiring ancient sites and ruins, this truly is a country which will leave you, at times, speechless.  

Then just when you think you have seen everything, explore the inland national parks, with exceptional flora and fauna including both leapard and Elephant.

Finally, as if that wasn't enough, indulge in Sri Lanka's exceptional cuisine, if you like subtle and majestic spices alike then Sri Lanka has it all, but don't take our word for it.........


Local weather information


When is the best time to travel

Generally the best time to visit Sri lanka is considered to be from December to mid April.  However, travelling either side of these times can bring its own rewards, with fewer crowds and indeed usually any rain showers are usually just that, showers.  Allowing for great site seeing in between.


Regionally, the South western monsoons run from May to September, with the dry season centered from December to March.  In the north and east of the country, wind and rain falls most frequently from October to January.  With the dry seasons falling between May and September.

Peak Season:

December to Mid April


july & August (but expect the occasional short showers)


Sri Lanka in brief

Sri Lanka is a nation of true variety.  A holiday here can encompass; sun, sea and sand, but again so much more.  The Cultural Triangle including; Sigiriya, Dambulla, Anuradhapura and Minneriya National Park are understandably some of the highlights of any cultural tour of Sri lanka.  


In addition, Kandy and surrounding tea country offers another extra dimension to this fascinating country, combined with wonderful flavours offered from spice infused dishes, which have  established Sri lanka as a multi layered cultural holiday destination.

That said, many people visit to simply relax and Sri Lanka will not disappoint here.  With wonderful beaches stretching from the west coast all the way around the South and up into the relatively under developed East coast, one can idle away the days soaking up the sun and surf, dreaming a simpler time....

Of course no one country can please everyone, but this jewel in the Indian ocean offers enough to satisfy even the most discerning of travellers needs and desires. 

Sri Lanka history & Culture

The history of Sri lanka includes occupation by the Portugeuse and the Dutch.  It was during the time of the napoleonic wars that Britian decided on its first occupation and named the Island British Ceylon. Numerous conflicts have occured over many years between invaders and domestically.  In 1948, independance for British Ceylon was acheived.  It was then that the newly formed country referred to itself as just Ceylon. In 1972 the republic of Sri Lanka was formed. 

Sri Lankans practice a variety of religions, by far the largest is Theravada Buddhists making up about 70% of the population with Hindu 2nd largest with nearly 13% and Muslim 9.6%.  

Things to do and see


Kandy & tea plantations


Yala national park

Food & spices

Southern beaches




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