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Mention Peru and many people think of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. Although quite rightly top of many people’s bucket list, there is so much more to explore in this fascinating country.

The culture and archaeological sites and remains are incredible, plus you also have the Amazon, the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Nazca and even huge sand dunes. You can enjoy a 10-12 day trip and see the highlights, but if you have more time ask us to create a trip that will WOW your friends and you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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Local weather information


When is the best time to travel

Peru can be visited all year round, but there are 2 main seasons.


The dry season runs between May and October. You’ll see bright blue skies, although the nights will be chilly in the Andes.


November until March will have more rain, particularly in January and February. This season will be greener and the crowds will be smaller. Certainly not a time to be avoided if a spot of rain does not deter you.


The Amazon region will also be rainy between November and March, but the flora and fauna will be as abundant as ever.


Peak season :

May - October

Alternative : 

The Inca Trail re-opens in late Feb* (after a month closed) and this period Mar-Apr is a great time to combine Peru with the Galapagos, Ecuador.

* Machu Picchu remains open. Only the Inca Trail closes.

Peru in brief

Peru is the world’s most ecologically diverse nations. 28 of the 32 climates can be found here and 84 of the world’s 104 ecosystems are here. The Peruvian Amazon is considered to be the best preserved part of the Amazon jungle; and we haven’t even mentioned the incredible archaeology, colourful culture and diverse landscapes.

For many, visiting Machu Picchu is a highlight which ticks the box of many bucket list trips.

Visiting Peru is equally as exciting for the adventure traveller, the luxury traveller and the family holiday maker. You can tailor your trip to be as demanding or relaxing as you want.

The capital Lima, is a great gateway to your adventure, featuring many of the pre-Hispanic museums, art galleries, entertainment and gastronomy.

Peru history & Culture

There is evidence of human habitation in Peru as far back as 8000 years BC although the recent history we learn about today dates back to about 2500 years BC.


Best known for the Inca culture, Peru also has many indigenous cultures that date back long before the Incas arrived. In 1532 the Inca empire was at the height of its power although this was also when the Spanish arrived who assassinated the Inca ruler Atahualpa and sacked the city of Cusco. Within a few years, the Spanish ruled Peru.

Today, modern Peru has a population of around 23 million who are divided between the coastal and highland regions. Spanish is the official language although there are many indigenous languages spoken.

Things to do and see

Colca Canyon


Machu Picchu

The Inka Train

Nazca Lines

Sacred Valley

Lake Titicaca


Amazon Rainforest

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