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Day 5 (U.S.A) - AsktheTraveller -12 Days of Christmas

"On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 5 Great Lakes.......4 boats a cruising, 3 Hippos a wading, 2 Sri Lankan Elephants, and a Toucan in a Rain Forest tree."

Day 5 - we look at the U.S.A

Here is a quick fact, only 1 of the great lakes is completely within the USA, the other 4 form part of a border with Canada.

This vast country has everything one could want from a holiday - looking for Wildlife? Try Alaska or the Rockies or the Everglades. Looking for adventure? Try California, the canyon-lands of Utah, or any of the numerous National Parks.

Looking for a city break? Chicago, where the lake is tidal - maybe San Francisco, explore Alcatraz or the Golden Gate bridge - then again New York, speaks for itself. Looking for a beach holiday? try Florida - Sanibel Island perhaps, The surf beaches of the west coast or indeed travel further to the Islands of Hawaii. What ever type of holiday your looking for, the USA pretty much has it covered.

The USA is a year round destination, being so large you would expect nothing less - trekking in the summer leaves way to skiing in the winter. What ever time of year somewhere in the USA is warm. Don't forget the fall in New England (Sept/Oct) a truly magical visual feast. Finally, the USA is Family friendly and of course it's already so familiar, it's feels just like coming home.

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