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Day 8 (Galapagos)- AsktheTraveller -12 Days of Christmas

"On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 8 Seals are basking, 7 mountain lodges, 6 Iconic temples....... 5 Great Lakes.......4 boats a cruising, 3 Hippos a wading, 2 Sri Lankan Elephants, and a Toucan in a Rain Forest tree."

Day 8 - Our focus to bring in the New Year is The Galapagos in Ecuador

Come and see why Darwin was so in awe of this place. It’s possible to have a land based adventure here, but the majority of visitors join a vessel to explore multiple islands and see as much of the wildlife as possible, both in and out of the water. Put your David Attenborough hat on and marvel at the species you’ll find here, most totally unaffected by the fear of humans.

The 1000 km distance from the coast of Ecuador is a natural protection from mankind and some of the wildlife is found nowhere else on the planet.