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AsktheTraveller -12 Days of Christmas Day 11 (Canada)

"On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 11 Beavers a lodging, 10 Tigers stalking, 9 Zebras a dazzling, 8 Seals are basking, 7 mountain lodges, 6 Iconic temples....... 5 Great Lakes.......4 boats a cruising, 3 Hippos a wading, 2 Sri Lankan Elephants, and a Toucan in a Rain Forest tree."

Day 11 - Brings us to a truly epic destination - Canada

Canada is a huge country stretching 6 time zones between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

This incredible country has everything you could possibly want from a holiday. Awesome scenery, outstanding wildlife, welcoming, friendly communities, cosmopolitan cities, fly drive itineraries all over the country, sailing and cruising, not forgetting the bears; brown, black and polar.

Many people take the pilgrimage towards the town of Churchill, World famous for it's seasonal population of polar bears. View these magnificent creatures, the largest land predators on the planet from the up close vantage of a Tundra buggy.

For relaxed Luxury, take the Rocky Mountaineer train from Alberta to British Columbia or vice versa and enjoy a visual feast.

If you're looking for a faster pace, then perhaps the Calgary Stampede (2018 - 6th-15th July) where cowboys come to celebrate sports, music and the culture of the open range each year from across the world.

A year round destination. Yes, the winters are very, very cold, but this does also mean great for winter sports; skiing, snow-mobile, dog sledging etc. Whistler is a favourite ski location, just a relatively short drive from Vancouver - World class skiing plus world class accommodation and additional activities.

You’re not going to cover this diverse country in one holiday, so pick the highlights you want to experience and we’ll tailor a trip you won’t forget.

Go on, AsktheTraveller....

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