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How not to get ripped off when buying a Holiday!

Over the last 20 -25 years of being in the travel industry we have seen stories surface every year about people being ripped off by unscrupulous bogus travel companies claiming to offer amazing and unbelievable prices on your next holiday. Well we at AsktheTraveller like a bargain as much as the next person, but sometimes when it seems to good to be true it actually is too good to be true.

Today in the news another annual story unfolds about holidaymakers being ripped off

This time with with the advances in websites we are all going online to purchase goods and services, many of us use the internet to book flights and accommodation etc without really knowing whom we are booking with. Also we are booking these elements like commodities and impulse purchases, after all it has become much easier and that's great news for everyone, but with speed comes the ability of fraudsters to get your money even quicker.

The problem is this can quickly come back to haunt you.......