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Sydney - New South Wales

For many, arriving in Sydney for the first time is very familiar. In the same way that arriving in New York City feels familiar. You’ve seen the place so often on TV or in magazine articles that you almost think you’re a local. Well of course you’re not and there is so much to discover here. The stunning harbour, the bridge, the Opera House, the Manly Ferry and Bondi Beach are all very well known, but depending on how much time you have here, you’ll only be scratching the surface.

Bondi beach

If time permits, you can easily spend a week here. Particularly if you’re not simply running around ticking sights off your list. If you visit Manly Beach, take your towel, wander the length then sit and take in the atmosphere for 3 or 4 hours. Don’t arrive, buy a latte and then jump straight back on the ferry to Circular Quay. The same goes for Bondi, sure, hit the beach and practice your surf moves, but then wander from Ben Buckler round to the Bondi Icebergs and sample some of the cafe culture, have some lunch. Then take the clifftop walk around to Coogee Beach.

Bondi Beach was a little different to my expectations. I didn’t expect the wonderful crescent shaped cove. I imagined a long beach such as Surfers Paradise or Miami Beach. You could easily while away 1 of your 7 days here.

Australia is also where I discovered the hole in the ozone. It is imperative that you cover up and apply copious amounts of suncream. You can burn here on a cloudy day.