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Tasmania - Wild Beauty, history and cuisine.

Tasmania is one of my favourite destinations in Australia. Not everyone makes time to travel this far south, but you should!

Probably most famous across the world for the Tasmanian Devil, this part of Australia has a whole lot more to offer.

You can visit the island either by ferry from Victoria or by air. I chose to fly in from Sydney and Hobart was my first port of call.


It’s certainly a beautiful spot and if you’re arriving by air, this will probably be your introduction to Tasmania. Sitting on the river Derwent and overlooked by Mount Wellington, Hobart is full of places to explore. Mount Wellington itself is full of hiking and cycling trails. On my visit the weather wasn’t great and the windy summit was like being on the moon! In the city, head to Salamanca place where you can visit galleries and cafes, plus nearby you have Battery Point which is a historic area with colonial era cottages and narrow winding lanes.